The Myth-Understood Truth behind America’s Obesity Epidemic

“The Obesity Epidemic is a myth perpetrated by the weight-loss industry,” says Mike Schatzki, author of the newly published book, The Great Fat Fraud: Why the ‘Obesity Epidemic’ Isn’t, How to Be Totally Healthy without Losing Weight and If You Should Lose Some Pounds, How to Keep Them from Finding You Again (Lamington Press, 2011)

“Fad diets, weight loss surgical procedures, diet pills and The Biggest Losers are all part of daily life. This is our “‘Overweight States of America,'” he says. “Try to escape the weight loss industry for just one day, you’ll find it nearly impossible. Around every corner, on every channel, Facebook page, and Twitter feed you’ll find an ad promoting weight loss pills, ‘smart liposuction,’ gastric bypass surgery, and the newest in amazing plans to lose weight. We’ve gone from ‘America the Free’ to ‘America the Fat.'”

But just how much truth is there behind all the statistics being thrown about? Who decided what “obese” is anyway? Is thin really the only healthy option? In fact, does weight really have anything to do with health?

These are just some of the questions that came to Mike Schatzki as he was researching a speech he calls “The No Sweat Couch Potato Recovery Program.”  As he studied the research on weight loss, obesity and health, he was astounded and mesmerized by what he discovered:

*    Fat is not a disease.
*    There is no obesity epidemic.
*    Most health problems attributed to weight are actually caused by something else.
*    Definitions of “overweight” and “obese” were actually created by the weight loss industry.

“Perhaps Mark Twain said it best, ‘It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so,’ ” he says.” And when it comes to obesity, what everybody ‘knows for sure’ just ain’t so.”

The Great Fat Fraud provides all of his findings in a conversational tone that makes digesting the research easy for those who don’t like minutia, but features detailed footnotes for those who do. And Mike had checked and double checked his information and he invites everyone to see it for themselves.  A link to every research paper and other source cited in the book is available on the Book Reference Links page.  This is for real.


As a professional speaker for over 25 years, Mike is at home on camera, behind a microphone or on the telephone.  He is dynamic and entertaining.  And he knows how to work with audiences in person or on the phone.  He will assure that you have a the great show or interview.

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